Hiking, running, tennis, work: We have specific shoes for each activity, why should our eyes be any different? Using the computer, working, driving and playing sports each call for their own eyeglasses. For instance, distance glasses are needed for driving, but when intense focus is required in activities like reading or needlepoint, reading glasses may be essential.

Computer glasses reduce eyestrain by focusing at the intermediate range (shorter than driving distance, but farther than reading distance). Occupational lenses are specially designed for work-related tasks, placing the reading segment higher in bifocals and trifocals. For driving, polarized lenses or an anti-reflective coating are essential to reduce glare. Sports and protective eyewear should have polycarbonate lenses for safety. Sports contact lenses are another option which give better peripheral vision, an unobstructed field of view and better compatibility with goggles or head gear.

Give your eyes the care they deserve; eyeglasses made to fit your lifestyle and specific visual needs are important in maintaining healthy eyes.