Undercorrected vision can lead to lower cognitive function among elderly, says study

MANNHEIM, Germany, August 2012 — Can you get brain fog from not wearing your glasses? A study of elderly Chinese suggests that not seeing clearly can lead to lower cognitive function levels.

Cognitive function is the ability to perceive, understand and remember ideas. A low cognitive function score can mean a reduced ability to make good decisions and live independently.

Cognitive function was calculated in 3,127 participants of the Beijing Eye Study, all of whom had received eye and medical examinations.

After adjusting for factors such as age, education level, gender and occupation, the researchers found that participants whose vision problems were not fully corrected or who failed to wear their glasses had a significantly lower cognitive function score than others.

A study report was published online this month in Acta Ophthalmologica.

The Wrong Eye Drops Can Damage Your Eyes

Red eyes are commonly caused by dryness, allergens, infection or tiredness. Most people seek relief with over-the-counter eye drops, but are they the appropriate remedy? Eye drops packaged as ‘relief for red eyes’ can actually worsen your condition. Commercial eye drops are decongestants, which shrink the outer blood vessels in the whites of your eyes. They decrease the redness, but dry out the eyes. Eventually, the redness comes back and more decongestant drops are used, developing a dependency on the drops to reduce redness. Additionally, decongestants mask the underlying cause of redness.

Should symptoms persist, you may have an infection or conjunctivitis, which will need a prescription. Do not self medicate. It is vitally important to have your optometrist evaluate your eyes to determine the underlying problem, obtain the suitable medication, and apply proper treatment.