Computer Glasses: Relief for Your Tired Eyes

Blurred vision? Eye strain? Headaches? 70% of computer users suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, according to the American Optometric Association.
Computer screens are positioned 20-26 inches from the user’s eye. Closer than driving vision, but farther than reading vision, people often compensate by leaning forward or looking through the bottom portion of their glasses. This leads to sore neck, shoulders and back. Others compensate by using reading glasses, but these are only good for distances of 14-16 inches.
Computer glasses are made specifically for this intermediate zone of vision and have optimum lens power for a clear, wide field of view without requiring excessive focusing effort. (Trifocal or progressive lenses have a portion of the lens dedicated to the intermediate zone, but it’s not large enough to be effective.)
If your optometrist has ruled out vision problems and your prescription is current, computer eyeglasses may be the answer to alleviating the strain and headaches of computer work.