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Pink Eye: What to Look Out For

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is an inflammation of the thin membrane lining the inner eyelid or white part of the eye. When inflamed, the eye turns pink or red, hence its name. Treatment of conjunctivitis depends on its root of cause. Possible causes include infections from viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollutants and underlying diseases…
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Happy First Day of Spring: Relief for Eye Allergy Misery

Itchy, watery, or swollen eyes? Light sensitive? You may have allergic conjunctivitis -- inflammation of tissue lining the eyelids. Exposure to allergens releases histamines and the conjunctiva (clear membrane covering the “white” of the eye) swell. Pollen, pet dander, and perfumes can all trigger allergies. Wrap-around sunglasses can prevent allergens from entering the eyes. Artificial…
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